Sprezzatura CelluCut 60’s – Bottle


Sprezzatura CelluCut 60’s – Bottle

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Cellulite, the dirty little secret.

Gynoid lipodystrophy, more commonly referred to as cellulite, is a structural and biochemical disorder of the subcutaneous tissue, visually characterized by an uneven dimpled skin surface, especially on the buttocks and thighs. This lumpy, dimpled flesh on thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach is a concern for almost 95% of women today.

Within the last 3 decades our globalised society has portrayed a new version of the ideal female body: youthful, almost pre-pubertal, with well defined muscles and very little body fat.

This redefined model of beauty has caused shame in many women.

For women it remains a major concern, responsible for ill-tolerated lack of aesthetics, discomfort and a significant decrease in quality of life.

Current solutions, for the main part are topical and mechanical in their approach.

However they appear to be only partially or temporarily effective. Cosmetics, only show a relative effect on cellulite. Most of the evidences today available are subjective, based upon patient self assessment or satisfaction.

According to some researchers, it even is unlikely that topically applied active agents can alter the fundamental cutaneous architecture existing in cellulite-prone areas. Even though cellulite is not a direct consequence of being overweight, a correlation between weight gain and exacerbation of cellulite does exist.

Non balanced diet, smoking or sedentary lifestyle, typical of modern western culture, are identified aggravating factors of cellulite.

A clinically proven oral treatment.

The trademarked ingredient used in CelluCut is obtained from a unique variety of Cantaloupe melon, exclusively grown in the South of France.

The original composition
of 100% natural melon juice concentrate with a high source of natural and protected Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), make for how this trademarked ingredient proves to be effective in the visible reduction of hip and waist circumference and the dimpled effect of skin on the thighs and buttocks.

This trademarked ingredient demonstrated it’s benefits through 2 clinical trials.

Through an increase in endogenous antioxidant enzymes, thus restoring a healthy oxidative status, the trademarked ingredient used in CelluCut is able to positively impact lipolysis, adipocytes hypertrophy, and fibrosis.

This multi-parametric effect on fat tissue disorders explains why this trademarked ingredient used in CelluCut is so effective on subcutaneous fat deposit and visible cellulite.

Finally a oral supplement of 40mg a day, showed results which highlight that the trademarked ingredient in CelluCut was able to decrease gluteal and femoral fold compared to the Placebo, with respectively -23% and -28%.

Those results were observed after 3 months of supplementation and for an average weight loss of 4kg (observed in both groups).

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